Bad News Bears And Hopefulness

The darkness came in the form of polite words of formality.
Another day with a dawning of different opportunities.
Different opportunities, and yet, a line of restrictions to follow.
This world is conspiring with the Universe to make strength from injury.
Following the pain to knowledge, finding kindness in anger and misery.
Here are the tears of integrity and fallen pride, picked up by striving towards life.
Towards new beginnings, happy endings, and a better soul.
Weathering the storm through antiques and ancient Chinese secrets for distraction.
Dreams of an epic return to salted sands and ocean breezes haunting slumber.
Family in tow, running along side an eco friendly set of wheels, flying towards peace.
This to be another of the ironies set before the rising tide.
Chilled winds brush each frost bitten cheek with the falling flurries.
Time these wings take flight and end the hopeless plights of sorrow for something brighter; happiness.
Not necessarily paired with another epic legend of enduring love.
But, happiness with the Universe and self.



Introductions to an Introvert


Things didn’t work out with De, but I’m not really upset about it.
It wasn’t really working out for either of us, in the end.
We were just in completely different places in our lives, and that’s ok.
Looking forward to the next chapter in this book of life.
Wonder who will wander into it this time.  (:

Life has a lot of ups and downs lately, but I feel like things are coming together in some small way.

Relationship Facts


Relationship Truths We Often
Forget It’s easy to make your
relationships more complicated
than they are. Here are simple
reminders to help you keep them
on course. 1. All successful relationships
require some work. – They don’t
just happen, or maintain
themselves. They exist and thrive
when the parties involved take
the risk of sharing what it is that’s going on in their minds and
hearts. Open communication and
honesty is the key.
2. Most of the time you get what
you put in. – If you want love, give
love. If you want friends, be friendly. If you’d like to feel
understood, try being more
understanding. It’s a simple
practice that works. You shouldn’t
have to fight for a spot in
someone’s life. – Never force someone to make a space in their
life for you, because if they know
your worth, they will create one
for you.

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Thankful Thoughts

We begin today with being thankful for sunshine, crisp air, and charming breezes.
Finish out the day with being thankful for;
Food to eat, a new website & blog to upkeep, an exciting new job, and a place to rest my head.

Today’s BIG ‘THANK YOU!’ goes to;

My ex boss, to whom I walked out on.
He taught me that my tolerance level is limited where there isn’t respect.
..And that sanctuary can fit nicely into one’s lunch pale.
It’s the little things.